Who am I?


I worked in France during 5 years for IT Services & Software Engineering companies on languages like Java, C# and Qt. Bored by the lack of technological evolution, I started to work as a freelancer during 2 years, mainly with PHP, Laravel and WordPress. In October 2015, I moved to Canada and I’m now working for an advertising company to develop websites (with JavaScript and PHP) and mobile applications (mainly with Cordova).

I was always passionate about webdesign, so I worked a lot with Photoshop and Sketch, and I’m also very familiar with HTML5, CSS2 and CSS3.

Twitter (work): @regislutter

Github: Zetura


I’m a geek. I love TV shows (a lot), movies, comics, video games, … I like photography too, and rock and electronic music.

Twitter (hobbies): @collectionneur_